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working-dog is the biggest platform in the world for dog sport, exhibiting and interactive communication between dog lovers. Since it began in 2005, working-dog‘s database has grown to include 2.900.488 dogs and 405.021 dog loving members. Renowned companies from the industry support the platform with their sponsorship, and as such they can present themselves on a platform which is 100% in their target group. If you also have interest to present yourself at working-dog, please contact us.
Company Dögel GmbH
Geltestraße 9
06184 Kabelsketal OT Dölbau


Belcando Sophisticated formulations and outstanding ingredients make our Super Premium Quality BELCANDO® the first choice for everyone who refuses to compromise on their dog's nutrition.
Naturally the products are only made from choice ingredients in Germany.

BELCANDO® products are distinguished by the high proportion of premium animal proteins. They support protein metabolism, the optimal functioning of which is extremely important for your dog’s health and in his old age.

Thus, many quality-critical natural ingredients such as grape seed flour and chia seeds were selected for BELCANDO® because as a natural complex they have an extremely positive influence on the overall composition of the dog food.

Our quality promise
• Made in Germany
• Guaranteed from the best ingredients
• Outstanding flavour and tolerance levels
• meat products only from animals fit for human consumption
• with extra fresh meat

We are happy to do without these
• animal experiments
• soya protein
• Artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives
Gradlyn GRADLYN GMBH was founded in 1968 and has now been specializing in the transportation of living animals for more than 50 years. Gradlyn initially worked for members of the U.S. military to bring their pets from the U.S. to Germany or to transport them back there. Over the years, this service was then expanded to include all types of animals to all countries and for all types of clients. Today we transport everything from goldfish to giraffes, from a small box with your favorite guinea pig to a complete Boeing B747 full of elephants. Whether large or small, traveling alone or in a group, we have the right seat for everyone and ensure the most stress-free journey possible. The basis and prerequisite for the transport of animals is our highly trained and multilingual staff. We are aware of the responsibility you place on us when you entrust us with your protégé and we are very happy to take on this responsibility. Our experience guarantees the professional organization and smooth running of the entire transport process. At the same time, your pet will be optimally cared for by our staff at all times. GRADLYN guarantees you the security you desire for your animal.
Köbers Köbers Quality since 1970

Since its foundation in 1970, our family-run business has been situated in the lovely Ruhr area, Bochum-Wattenscheid, to be more precise.
All our expertise is gained from over 50 years of experience in breeding, training and feeding dogs. Since 1957 our family has been breeding German Shepherds (as a hobby) under the kennel name of aus-Wattenscheid These dogs are recognised worldwide for their beauty and performance.
In many countries of the world, our food is well-known under the brand of "" and is much valued for its outstanding quality.
Special products are distributed throughout the whole of Europe and Asia, directly ex works Wattenscheid.

All our expertise is gained from over 50 years of experience in breeding, training and feeding dogs. Since 1957 our family has been breeding German Shepherds (as a hobby) under the kennel name of aus-Wattenscheid These dogs are recognised worldwide for their beauty and performance.
Josera With JOSERA pet food you can be certain: As a specialist in first-class petfood, we can look back at over 75 years of experience and expertise the field of animal nutrition. The JOSERA brand stands for first-class pet food from German production. Our medium-sized family business from the Odenwald offers super premium products of the highest acceptance and tolerability. As a pet food manufacturer JOSERA is constantly developing and setting sustainable standards in the areas of innovation, responsibility and safety. We integrate the latest scientific research by recognised animal nutritionists into the development of our formulas. To minimise the greenhouse gases created by our production processes, we are constantly guided by the following motto: avoid, reduce, offset. With the help of this triple promise and a commitment to action, we have achieved the huge milestone of making our entire production 100% climate neutral. In addition to balanced recipes, we only use high-quality, natural and healthy ingredients in our premium dog and cat food. We do not use genetically-modified raw materials, nor do we ever use wheat, soy or any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Of course, the meat components that we use come exclusively from animals that are suitable for human consumption. We also favour regional raw materials in the production of JOSERA premium petfood for environmental as well as quality purposes. JOSERA guarantees faultless, first-class product quality. For this reason, 100% of all incoming raw materials are inspected and analysed in our own accredited in-house lab before proceeding to production in order to meet the most stringent criteria and highest quality standards. JOSERA was the first pet food manufacturer to be awarded the DLG product certificate "VERY GOOD", which certifies the excellent quality of JOSERA dog food.
WT-Metall WT-Metall is your competent partner in the field of dog trailers, dog boxes, thermal top boxes and car boxes. Our long experience gives us the competence to keep a high quality standard to deliver only the best to our customers. From the standard version to the luxury class for 1-4 dogs and on request also as special design for more than 4 dogs or for large dogs, you receive any kind of transport system from us, individually adapted to your vehicle type and the needs of your dog. With the help of elementary components of Industry 4.0, trailers can be equipped with a video camera that allows streaming into the vehicle. This allows the animal to be observed during transport. Furthermore, temperature sensors have been installed to ensure a species-appropriate climate. The GPS tracking and the acceleration sensor can also be used as theft protection.